About Buddha Zero

BuddhaZero.com aims to relate modern social issues with authentic Buddha’s teachings that are not corrupted and censored by modern Buddhists. This blog offers genuine Buddha’s insights on problems the world face today.

My name is Blue Lotus. In writing this blog, I strive to deliver Buddha’s teachings as close to the original teachings as possible. English is not my first language so I try to keep my writing grammatically correct and simple. I am a native of Thailand where Buddhism has strong influence.

Buddhism, like many other ancient philosophies, is often a subject of misunderstanding in our modern time. Since two thousand years ago, Buddha’s teachings changed significantly from its root. The original teaching that leads people to contentment is no longer known to most people. Buddhism lost its way from many factors.


Buddha founded Buddhism on the basis that money is not essential for contentment. That is why he left his palace to pursue the wisdom that leads contentment. As a result, Buddha never accepts money for his teaching. Additionally, he prohibited his monks from having and accepting any money.

Fast forward to today, many so-called Buddhists monks will gladly accept money. Buddhism is now a business rather than a teaching. Monks are afraid to repeat the unpopular truths spoken by Buddha in the past. They are afraid to marginalize themselves and lose donation money as a result. Most Buddhist monks only teach the agreeable kind of Buddhism today. Unfortunately, the core teaching of Buddhism is not at all agreeable with modern notions. For example, most people today see money and relationship as the only means to happiness. Buddha said otherwise. People can be happy alone and without money.

I do not accept money from anyone through BuddhaZero.com so that Buddha’s message can stay true to its purpose.

Political Correctness

Due to political correctness, many Buddhists today are afraid of speaking against the flow. For example, even though Buddha fully understood female nature, most Buddhist monks do not dare to teach it for the fear of offending women. As a result, men are as stupid as ever when they deal with women and relationships.

I do not have any intention to offend most people. However, whoever chooses to be offended by Buddha’s message can always choose to go another web site. Knowing the truth is more important being emotionally safe.


I hope you find my writing useful. And may all being be at ease.