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Use this page’s comment section to request topics you would like to know from Buddha’s teachings. The topics can be anything. But I’d rather have ones that are exotic and politically incorrect.


    1. Yes. Abortion is murder regardless of the circumstances. I will have to look more into this for sutta references. Will let you know from here when it’s ready.

  1. Can you write more about being gay? ( In my case, i’m homosexual male) I’m from vietnam. I really like what you are writing so far… Please keep up the good work and the precise nature of this webblog.

    1. It has been a while since I write something. Thank you for the idea and the encouragement. I will write about homosexuality in Buddhism when I have enough knowledge about it.

  2. Thank you again for your recent article on abortion. I am very grateful. I have another suggestion for a topic. I would very much welcome an article on the controversy over Buddhist nuns being ordained. I understand that the Buddha only reluctantly ordained women to begin with, he said that this would cause the religion to be corrupted sooner, and that the practice actually died out, or stopped. Now there are some people trying to bring it back today. Please explain this issue and the correct view . Thank you. Metta, Sudhamma

    1. You’re welcome.I will have to study a lot about women ordaining. And yes I am aware of some monasteries ordaining nun even its lineage is already gone.

  3. I have just recently found your blog and find it to be very interesting. Could you please talk more about LGBT topics in Buddhism?

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