Update: July 2022

An update on what’s coming to Buddha Zero

Hello, everyone.

This is Blue Lotus. The author of this blog. I have been away for so long. A lot happened. My mother passed away, then came the “pandemic”. I got laid off from work and a lot more. I wasn’t able to focus clearly and write well. Writing about the teaching of Buddha is not easy when my mind wasn’t clear.

Things are getting more stable for me now. I will start writing more soon. I didn’t realize people would read my articles. Buddha’s teaching is not something most people are excited to hear. So for the people who are reading this, thank you for the encouragement.

The Plans Ahead

So far, I’ve written mostly about women. I think I covered more than enough on that topic. To be clear, I do not hate women. There are still some good women like there is always some exception to every generalization. I am simply stating facts and what I’ve learned from Buddha’s teaching. Hopefully, my works here bring happiness to both men and women.

I want to go into other aspects of Buddha’s teaching that most people misunderstand. For example, most people who practice “Buddhism” worship Buddha statues. This is clearly something Buddha taught not to do when it comes to holding on to physical objects. When Buddha was alive, there was no statue of Buddha made for worship. Yet the statues are common in Buddhist temples today.

I also want to write something more interesting about the spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, and gods too. Buddha described these beings in great detail while modern Buddhist monks deny their existence as just metaphors. The fact is Buddha always used the simplest language possible when teaching. He always said if what he said is a metaphor. If he didn’t say something is a metaphor, it simply isn’t.

More Interesting Content

Buddha even described our universe in many written suttas. There are many interesting contradictions with modern “science” or narratives to be politically incorrect. Have you ever wondered why the ocean and the sky are blue during the day, but black at night? Did Buddha describe the earth as flat or global? Is is possible to drink urine as medicine? Buddha taught about all these topics. After all, Buddha is often called “Lokavidu” – “Knower of the World”, meaning that Buddha also knows all about the world, not just the path to escape suffering.

That’s all the updates and plans I have. Looking forward to write more.


  1. Welcome back.
    Many temples now in Thailand have removed the Buddha statues because of the idolatry. There is actually a lot of what Buddha did not teach that is in Buddhism today. Pointing this out is often the surest way of getting yourself censored/banned and kicked out of the organizations of Buddha. Just as Dogenism is not Zen, Idolatry Buddhism is not Buddhism but good luck getting that accepted by the idol worshippers.

    1. Interesting. Most temples I’ve been to in Thailand have at least one Buddha statue. There are many small groups who don’t worship statues. And I probably know them (because I studied from the,). But if you go to any temple in Bangkok, 100% you will find a Buddha statue there. It’s very sad.

  2. looks like one of your videos with Brian Ruhe can’t play in bitchute. The one where you discuss feminism and women. I assume this is deliberate. Please contact Brian to have him reupload the video or upload it yourself if you would be so obliging.

    1. I see the video is not playing. I have not been in contact with Brian for a while now. And since the video is so old, I’m not sure if he keeps the original. What I talked about there is already written with more details.

      1. If the video can’t be downloaded or played this suggests sh*tchute wants to suppress it. This has happened to me before several times. Sh*tchute has many ways of clandestinely banning videos as well as comments and meme images. Odysee (though you haave to give a phone number) is so far tolerable. Might I recommend if you have the recording to reupload it or please give me a link and I can put it up.

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