Women just want Money

In any relationship with women, all men know that the more money they have the better chance they get. Women just want to have money. Even long time ago, Buddha taught his monks about this unsatisfiable greed of female nature.

Most women will not admit they want money outright. Women say that they like intelligent, charismatic, confident and motivated men. What they really mean is they like men who have the abilities to make a lot of money. They say this to avoid looking like prostitutes who simply have sex for money. But prostitutes are what all women really are by their female nature.

Money isn’t the only thing women want. Women want sex as well but not as much as they want money. Women are willing to be in relationship with men they are not physically attracted to provided that these men have a lot of money. Women love money more than they love themselves.

In Kunala Jataka, Buddha described female nature in great detail. This is what he said.

Poor fickle creatures women are, ungrateful, treacherous they,
No man if not possessed would deign to credit aught they say.

Female nature is deceptive and does not respond to kindness by being grateful. A man in his right mind (“not possessed”) should not trust women.

Little reck they of duty’s call or plea of gratitude,
Insensible to parents’ love and ties of brotherhood,
Transgressing every law of right, they play a shameless part,
In all their acts obedient to the wish of their own heart.

Women do not show any gratitude to their parents and friends. They do not care about morality and shame in pursue of their greed.

However long they dwell with him, though kind and loving he,
Tender of heart and dear to them as life itself may be,
In times of trouble and distress, leave him they will and must,
I for my part in womenfolk can never put my trust.

Women will leave their loving husbands who are kind to them in times of trouble. Never trust women.

How often is a woman’s mind like shifty monkey’s found,
Or like the shade cast by a tree on height or depth around,
How changeful too the purpose lodged within a woman’s breast,
Like tire of wheel revolving swift without a pause or rest.

Women’s mind is weak and changes often. Their words and promises cannot be trusted.

Whene’er with due reflection they look round and see their way
To captivate some man of wealth and make of him their prey,
Such simpletons with words so soft and smooth they captive lead,
E’en as Cambodian groom with herbs will catch the fiercest steed.

Women will get into a relationship for money. They will control men with their charm like how men catch animals with foods as bait.

But if when looking round with care they fail to see their way
To get possession of his wealth and make of him a prey,
They drive him off, as one that now has reached the furthest shore
And cuts adrift the ferry boat he needeth nevermore.

If a man runs out of money or completely refuse to spend it on a woman, she will leave him like a boat that is no longer needed after crossing a river.

Like fierce devouring flame they hold him fast in their embrace,
Or sweep him off like stream in flood that hurries on apace;
They court the man they hate as much as one that they adore,
E’en as a ship that hugs alike the near and farther shore.

Women consume men in every way like how fire burns everything or like how flood water washes everything away. They enter relationship regardless of how they feel about the their men, like a ship that does not need to choose which shore to stop on. (The ship must stops where its captain choose to like how women must enter relationship for money because their female nature choose to)

They not to one or two belong, like open stall are they,
One might as soon catch wind with net as women hold in sway.

Women do not belong to one man or two. Women welcome all men like how market welcome all customers. Whoever trusts that a woman is faithful only to him also trusts that he can catch wind with a net.

Like river, road, or drinking shed, assembly hall or inn,
So free to all are womenfolk, no limits check their sin.

Women are like rivers, bars, assembly halls, and hotels. These places welcome everyone freely regardless of the time, the purpose of visit and the intent.

Fell as black serpent’s head are they, as ravenous as a fire,
As kine the choicest herbage pick, they lovers rich desire.

Women are like cobras (“black serpent”) in five ways.

  1. They get angry often.
  2. They are venomous. Women have strong sexual desires so they will do any venomous act (such as cheating) to fulfill it.
  3. They hold grudges.
  4. Their tongues are evil. (speak words that cause harm)
  5. They often betray friends and husbands.

Women are like fire that burns more as it consumes. They cannot be satisfied with their desire.

Women are like cows. Cow abandon depleted area for another area with greener grasses. Women will abandon men who run out of money for ones who have money.

From elephant, black serpent, and from flame that’s fed on ghee,
From man besprinkled to be king, and women we should flee.
All these whoso is on his guard will treat as deadly foe,
Indeed their very nature it is very hard to know.

Men should be careful when dealing with elephants, cobras, fire, kings and women.

  1. Elephants or cobras can kill its caretaker if he is not careful.
  2. Fire will continue to burn and can be dangerous.
  3. Kings can order anyone, including those close to them, to be executed easily.
  4. Women will kill even those who are close them for a long time when they are angry enough.

Women who very clever are or very fair to view,
And such as many men admire—all these one should eschew:
A neighbour’s wife and one that seeks a man of wealth for mate,
Such kind of women, five in all, no man should cultivate.

Men should not have relationships with these kinds of women.

  1. Women who are extremely beautiful. Many men also want these women.
  2. Women who are popular among men. They include prostitutes who are loved by many men.
  3. Women who are entertainers. (dance and/or sing) Many men desire them as well.
  4. Women who are wives of other.
  5. Women who are only after money.


Women’s desire for money is strong. They do not care if they step over anyone along their ways to make money if they can get away without a consequence. Men should stay away from women who cannot subdue their desire. These women cannot be happy with little. Men who enter relationship with these women will not be happy themselves as well.


I read this text in both English and Thai edition of Tripitaka. My understanding comes from reading both versions thoroughly. I didn’t include my own opinion in the commentary.

  1. Kunala Jataka – http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/j5/j5029.htm
  2. พระสุตตันตปิฎก ขุททกนิกาย ชาดก เล่ม ๔ ภาค ๑ – หน้าที่ 595


  1. this is awful… how is this article Buddhist in any way? This is merely creating more seperation when the goal of Buddhism is to realize that we are one.

    1. Cite a reference where Buddha said the goal of Buddhism is “realize that we are one.”

      According to Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, the goal of Buddhism is the end of suffering. The way to this goal is renunciation. That’s why Buddha taught men to become disenchanted with women.

    2. Stfu bitch, you probably think all men are rapist pigs now talking about being one??? You think the worlds eyes havent been opened to how evil, manipulative, greedy, selfish, chaos loving toxic black holes of attention and material goods you women are?
      When the physical world ends and we take our places in the afterlife I pray we’ll be there to stoke the flames in hell for you and every other whore who ruined every society they touch.

      I heard women have a deep deep fear of pain and can’t stand it. How perfect then when you all take place in Hell where you belong.

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